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Natural Direction worked with Deloitte to develop their Next Generation Academies, shaping future leaders around the globe.

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Through conversations with senior leaders from Deloitte’s largest clients, Deloitte repeatedly heard how challenging it was to transition from senior roles into C-Suite positions.

Even those who had made the jump successfully felt that more could be done to help future leaders understand what would be expected of them, develop their skills accordingly and prepare themselves for the high demands of the top jobs.

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Natural Direction worked with Deloitte to design and deliver skills-building sessions to strengthen capabilities in leadership and influence.

We designed The Next Generation Academy to give their clients’ future leaders the grounding they need to deliver success for their companies. It’s a best-in-class experience designed for executives from Deloitte’s largest clients.

The programme brings together our rich experience, personal stories and anecdotes gained from more than 25 years of developing business leaders and research conducted by our partner, Zenger Folkman, who surveyed over 75,000 leaders on what differentiates great leaders.


The Next Generation CFO Academies have been successful. Feedback from Deloitte clients has been exceptional exceeding all expectations with 30% of participants being promoted into the top roles or other senior positions.

Key stakeholders from the US were so impressed by the programme’s success that Natural Direction was asked to help Deloitte build out other Academies - to inspire future leaders in CLO, CTO, CHRO and CIO roles.

Since 2011, we have now worked with Deloitte to develop the next generation of C-Suite leaders in more than 30 US Academies, impacting more than 1,000 next-generation leaders.

Today, we are involved with running seven academies a year with our team flown out to Deloitte’s University in Dallas.

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We have the privilege of working with some of the most successful organisations in the world.

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Helping Atos with winning more business.
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