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We make extraordinary performance the ordinary way of doing business

Natural Direction is a specialist global consultancy supporting organisations to develop strong business leaders.

No matter how much things change, we believe strong leadership has always been the difference between good businesses and great ones.

Extraordinary leaders hold on to their people, create satisfied customers, and generate more profit for their businesses.

That’s why we work across organisations to make extraordinary performance the ordinary way of doing business.

Why we’re a strategic partner to Zenger Folkman

As the world's leading company in the field of leadership development, our partnership with Zenger Folkman provides us with the latest evidence on the discipline of developing great leaders.

Our decision to become a partner was founded on Dr. Jack Zenger and Dr. Joseph Folkman's relentless focus on developing a robust model of leadership backed by hard data and supported with practical application.

The deep research and insight of Zenger Folkman continues to shape and evolve the models we use to help leaders and their organisations succeed.

Better Leaders. Better Results.

When working with organisations, we have the ability to deploy tools and programmes proven to achieve results, including the flagship Leadership Excellence programme and tools like 360-degree feedback.

Accelerate Productivity

Extraordinary leaders get more from their employees. In turn, when employees work harder, organizations achieve positive business results.

Increase Engagement

Quite simply, the better the leader, the more engaged the staff. Learn to tap the potential of your organization by increasing employee engagement.

Boost Profits

We’ve studied thousands of leaders to discover what separates the good leaders from the great ones, which helps organizations achieve better results from their employees, and in turn, higher levels of profitability.

Leadership Solutions

Our leadership solutions are comprised of tailored curriculum designed to address your burning issues, highly compelling case study facilitations, excellent program management and execution, and specialized coaching. Our solutions are proven to deliver impact and transformation to the specific needs and strategies of our clients.

Why Leadership Matters

In this 3-minute video, Dr. Jack Zenger describes the benefits of Leadership Development.

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Why organisations work with us

Across the world, ambitious businesses choose to work with us for our knowledge, ideas and commitment. But above all, they turn to us because we’re able to do things that others can’t. Here’s what we bring to your organisation:

Thinking differently

Successful outcomes are the result of experience blended with our creative, energetic approach. By combining our knowledge with imagination, we can engage a wide range of audiences from front-line to board-level. This allows us to look at things differently and stretch your thinking.

Progressive learning

Alongside delivering research-backed programmes, we use the latest thinking in neuroscience and psychology. This whole-brain approach supports accelerated learning to keep you ahead.

Cultural fit

All our coaches are hand-picked, not only for their expertise, skill and experience, but their human approach. We adapt to suit your cultural needs, wherever you are.

Serious fun

Our style of delivery fills our clients with confidence time and again. Learning is quicker and easier when it's fun. Our highly experiential and engaging approach creates an unforgettable experience. We call it ‘serious fun’.

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Our other brands

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Our clients

We have the privilege of working with some of the most successful organisations in the world.