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‘Safety with Attitude’ programme took the Bombardier UK Services team from the bottom to the top of the group’s HSE rankings

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Multinational aerospace and transportation company Bombardier pride themselves on their health and safety record, but the UK Services business, the team that service trains for the group, were underachieving by the group’s own high standards. Natural Direction worked with Bombardier to develop a programme that got to the root of the problem and transformed the way their people thought about safety.

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Changing a company’s safety culture requires more than increasing the number of rules and guidelines; it requires a complete change of attitude at every level of an organisation. We worked with the key stakeholders to discover the problems and understand why results weren’t up to scratch. We recognised that the Bombardier team had to want to be safer in every element of their work.

Together with Bombardier, we created ‘Safety with Attitude’; a programme designed to make Bombardier Services a leading voice in safety by getting people to think differently about safety.

The programme has run across 28 sites with 1,700 participants.


Since the launch of Safety with Attitude, the UK Services team shot up the group’s safety rankings, moving from last, to first place and earning a number of HSE awards. They are now the leading voice in train service safety.

But it wasn’t just HSE that saw a benefit, productivity within the team also increased with less accidents and less lost time due to accidents (both down by over 50% in a three year period), as Bombardier became a safer, happier, prouder and more efficient workplace. Sickness absence was also at its lowest at 2.7%.

Bombardier have now launched ‘Safety with Attitude Zero’ – with the intention of achieving a zero tolerance of accidents culture. Its goal is to engage the entire UK Services workforce, to challenge and change behaviours across the business and show that the vast majority of accidents in business are foreseeable and preventable.

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